Winter-Time Care of an Outdoor Deck

Black glass railing

Do I need to remove the snow from
my deck?

It is not essential to remove snow from your
deck if you do not plan on using it during the
winter-time. Decks are designed to withstand
large amounts of weight, so the structure will
not be affected by snow and ice [1].
Composite decks are waterproof, and do not need any
sort of varnish. Wood sealant products are
available to prevent wood from weathering
[1][2]. However, if your deck can provide a fire-escape
route for your house, it is important to keep it
clear of ice and snow [1].


What is the best way to remove

If there is only a light dusting of snow, the best
way to remove it is with a broom. If the snow is
heavier, use a plastic shovel, and push the
snow parallel to the deck boards. If the snow is
pushed perpendicular to the boards or a metal
shovel is used, there is a risk of scratching the
deck [2].


What is the best way to remove

Using a hammer or other tools to break up ice
on the deck is not recommended, as the risk of
damaging the deck is quite high.
Using salts such as calcium chloride for a
composite deck can be quite effective,
however these salts can be harmful for wood
decks. Ice melting products are available for
wood decks that will not damage the wood [2].


Can the glass in my glass railing
get cold? Do I need to remove it
every winter?

The tempered glass used in the HomeRail
system is able to withstand the contracting
and expanding effects of winter temperatures,
and therefore does not need to be removed
during the winter.


How do I reduce the sun reflection
in the winter?

This is an example of the benefits of tinted
glass railings. They provide clarity and
maintain view, while protecting from the
bright sun. The choice is a matter of
preference, and should be discussed further
with a sales associate.


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