Pros and Cons of Glass and Picket Rail: A Real Life Story

When Cody and Jenessa purchased their new home, they were expecting their first child. They wanted to build a walkout deck that would look beautiful in their backyard and increase the value of their home. Their biggest priority, however, was the safety of their family. Cody and Jenessa also wanted the entire process to be as quick and easy as possible.

They dropped by Ottawa Deck and Rail to look at different options for their 8 by 16 foot deck, and Matt helped them make a list of pros and cons about picket versus glass railing to find out what would be best for their family.



  • Modern look
  • Ability to see the view of the whole yard
  • Barrier around deck
  • Ability to incorporate many design elements


  • Cleaning children’s fingerprints off of glass
  • More expensive



  • No painting or maintenance
  • Can switch to glass later
  • Costs about $15 less per foot


  • Most modern houses do glass
  • Doesn’t have as many design options as glass

Cody and Jenessa decided to install picket railing, as the most attractive quality for them was the low maintenance. After a couple weeks, a team installed the railing, and it was ready within the day. This is the service you can expect with Ottawa Deck and Rail. Not only are our staff happy to go over the multiple customizing options, but if you need installation, the entire process is quick, easy, and simple. Thanks to Ottawa Deck and Rail, having safe, attractive railing was one less thing Cody and Jenessa had to worry about.