The Advantages of Aluminum and Glass Privacy Walls


What are the different types of walls available?

Privacy Walls

Privacy Walls are non-translucent walls made with aluminum posts and either aluminum
panels or etched glass 

– Provide complete or partial privacy from adjacent decks or properties – Protect against sunlight and wind


Wind Walls

Wind Walls are translucent walls made with aluminum posts and clear glass panels 

– Maintain view of surroundings
– Protect primarily against wind


The wall posts are quite long, will they be wobbly?

It is not-uncommon that the wall posts may become wobbly in the wind. If this occurs, an installer will use a wall bracket to secure the post to the house or to the edge of the deck. This makes the post much more sturdy.


What are some uses of wind walls?

Many people use the walls as a divider between decks, however glass walls can be used behind barbeques or eating areas for wind protection. Topless glass is also available at a custom height to act as a wall.


What is the best way to clean the glass?

Cleaning tempered glass is as easy as spraying Windex and wiping it down. You can also use vinegar and water, however it’s important to use any stronger chemicals as it could deteriorate the surface of the glass.


If I have noisy neighbours, can the walls block sound?

The privacy walls are not perfectly sound proof, however they do provide reasonable sound reduction from surrounding neighbours. If sound is a concern, the aluminum privacy walls block sound slightly better than the glass walls, as there is no gap between the edge of the panels and the post.