The business reality

The railing industry has a bad reputation for price changes, mid-project upsells, poor communication and no-show installations. It’s basic economics; right now the industry is in such high demand that clients paying the most get the highest priority. It can be difficult for the “little guy” to get proper service and consideration.

Our values

At Ottawa Deck and Rail we are aware of how unfair it is to treat customers differently based on the revenue they bring in to the company. We see the value in providing exceptional service for everyone, one front step installation at a time! Some of our biggest home builder clients started with simple front step installations.

Our history in front step railing installations

When we started in the home railing industry in the early 2000s, wrought iron railing installations would take upwards of 2 to 3 months. We wanted to provide service in as little as 1 to 3 weeks. We were then able to
start working with the majority of builders, because no one can forecast that far out when they will be ready.

What is a reasonable timeline to expect?

Generally, people need railing installs done in 1 to 3 weeks and will tolerate between 4 and 6 weeks. Because we are a home-builder railing company, we had to come up with ways of getting the timelines down hos1

Our logic

We figured out how to get quotes done more quickly, to keep the correct inventory in stock, and to schedule by batch, in order to reduce these wait times. Our focus is on installing the project first in line, rather than giving the highest paying clients priority. In this framework, we always put precedence on clients with medical needs such as someone who has been in a car accident, or recently come home from the hospital. We’re sure our clients would agree, and appreciate us for doing this.

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The outcomes

We had to get creative to bring install wait times down, so we built custom systems to help us track it all. Our systems broke when we went from 30 to 60 installs per week, and then again when we went to 120 projects per week. Each time, we became stronger, more organized, built better systems, and focused even more on customer satisfaction. I’m hoping one day we can manage up to 1000 projects per week, while still providing
exceptional service. During our expansion, we want each client to feel personally valued, that they received the best quality for the lowest price, and that they would recommend Ottawa Deck and Rail to friends and family.

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What we suggest

No project is too small for us. We still operate off the same principle of finishing what we start, and first in first out. If you’re debating whether you want to redo your railing systems on your front steps, deck, or small business, the best option is to contact us in early spring, about 3 weeks before you expect the construction to be complete, so we can ensure you are pleased with not only the quality, but also the time-frame of the work. The thing that makes us happiest is when we exceed customer expectations, and build those long lasting relationships with clients. Whether big or small, and no matter how much personalized attention you need, Ottawa Deck and Rail is pleased to support you and guide you through your next railing project.

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