Custom Railing: Improve Curb Appeal and Saleability

If you search Pinterest for “custom outdoor railing” you will see a plethora of iron, wood, aluminum, cable, glass, and picket options. You’ll see all sorts of interesting angles, curvey, square, open and closed concepts. You’ll see many ingenious ideas, and probably want that for your home, but you don’t want to break the bank. You’ll also wonder what building materials – be they aluminum, or wood – are right for your specific property. Here are a few important considerations:

Style of Architecture

The style of railing needs to match your home’s style. A traditional Victorian home may clash with ultra modern railing. In this case you may want to opt for wrought-iron, since it matches your home’s aesthetics. If your home, or apartment building is ultra modern, maybe a topless glass railing would suit it nicely. Spend time looking at your house, and perusing styles on the internet before buying.

Weather Conditions

Stainless steel railing, and aluminum powder-coated railing are durable and weather resistant. When installing home railing, you want to be sure it will stand up to both hot sun exposure, and periods of ice, snow, and rain. An added bonus of powder-coated aluminum is that Ottawa Deck and Rail’s comes with a life-time guarantee not to rust or fade.


Maybe you’re looking at Pinterest and you see multi-million dollar homes with gorgeous railings. However, if you live in a 400 square foot classic-style home, this probably won’t match the aesthetic – or your budget. Think realistically about what you can afford, and then shop around. Go into a few railing and hardware stores to see the right fit for your style – and your wallet.


Are you aware that in North America, after motor vehicle accidents, the second most common way of accidental injury is on staircases? It doesn’t matter if your railing looks great if it isn’t safe. If you are a DIYer, be absolutely sure all pieces are installed, and everything is put together properly.

A home that is in good condition, with matching style elements, will add to the curb appeal and saleability of your home. While the style of architecture and weather conditions are important factors in curb appeal, don’t forget the hidden roles safety and budget play.