6 Common Mistakes When Installing a Deck (And How to Avoid Them)

Having a deck increases attractiveness, design versatility, value of home, and adds an additional outdoor living space. Many people simply install their decks and run into problems later because they haven’t asked themselves these important questions first:

  1. How do I plan on furnishing my deck? This plays a major role in the deck’s layout, shape and size. It may be helpful to do a rough sketch of where you want furniture or items like grills and hot tubs to be.
  2. Do I want a grilling area? In North America alone, hundreds of homes catch fire each summer because of improperly placed grills! You’ll need to plan out where your grilling area will be and decide if you want a separate space for it. You’re going to need an outlet for the grill, and a table to prepare food.
  3. Do I need extra privacy? Many homes are built so close together it leaves little privacy between you and your neighbors. Ottawa Deck and Rail has multiple options for privacy walls. This can be especially helpful if you have a hot tub, or just enjoy sunbathing.
  4. Is my deck for me, or is it an investment? If you’re planning on flipping a property or moving soon, you may want a basic, cost effective design. If it’s for a rental property, picket railing is maintenance free and durable. If the deck is an additional living space, and you plan on being there long term, you may want to be creative to individualise the design.
  5. How well do I know my property? Especially for new builds, you may want to spend some time in your yard getting to really know the space before building. Pay attention to where the sun rises and falls, to position where you want to build the deck. Also, if the area has a lot of bugs, you may need a screened-in area.
  6. How will I supply power? There are many things on a deck that will require power; lamps, grills, hot tubs, etc. Before you decide your deck layout, make sure you will be able to supply all your outdoor living requirements. Ottawa Deck and Rail also has solar powered lights that you can easily pop on to the top of each post.

Once you know your deck requirements, it will be much easier to make decisions about how customized or basic you want it, whether you want glass or picket railing, whether you need privacy walls, and what other touches your outdoor living space requires. Ottawa Deck and Rail can help with that as they have skilled professionals specially trained to design your outdoor living space exactly how you want it.