5 Tips for Optimizing Your Pet’s Outdoor Living Space

Managing family and work life, on top of having a pet can be quite a challenge. Then there is the added worry about whether you should keep them indoors or outdoors for the majority of the time. Ottawa Deck and Rail has five helpful hints at maximizing your pet’s outdoor living space, to take away some of that worry.

Potty Time

Some pet owners don’t want to keep them in a cage or kennel all day, but don’t know what solutions are available. You want your pet to be able to go in and outside, without having to constantly open and close the door. Many pet owners install a pet door. Then they install a closed-in area, often referred to as a “dog run”. Animals can destroy lawns by digging, or doing their business. Artificial turf, which looks like real grass, can be installed to stand up to environmental factors much better. An added benefit is less muddy paw prints staining your floors and furniture.

Running Away

Special gates that attach to railing can be installed to be sure pet owners can easily enter and exit the enclosed space, so that Fido doesn’t! Some pet owners install this gate at the top of their balconies before the stairway, for added safety.

Clean Up

Most pet owners, who install railing, opt for the picket style. It can be overwhelming to manually clean glass with hundreds of nose prints and drool marks. People with pets that shed a lot opt for alternative deck boards like floorboard or porch board systems, that have solid surfaces. This makes cleaning up hair much easier.

Safe Balconies

Make sure to remove any poisonous plants. Even common plants like English Ivy, Azalea, Hydrangea, and Rhododendron are dangerous to our furry friends. While you do that, ensure all chemicals like plant sprays and window cleaners are safely stored.

While traditional railing systems might be fine for most pet owners, some people choose to take extra precaution. You would think your 100kg Mastiff wouldn’t be able to squeeze his head through a tiny railing space. However, many people add mosquito netting, plexi panels, or chicken wire to close any gaps. Scratch resistant plexi panels are especially beneficial for pets who scratch or bite.

Creature Comforts

Just how much do you love your pet? Humans enjoy sitting outside on luxurious deck furniture, and leave pets lying on hard concrete. Joybird.com specializes in pet-friendly furniture to pamper your pet. You may also want a small portable pool so your pet can enjoy the summer. A ready supply of toys and treats doesn’t hurt either.

Ottawa Deck and Rail knows how important your critter is to you, which is why we shared these helpful hints. Hopefully this helps you to create a pet-friendly outdoor living space you can share together.