5 Factors to Consider When Finding Railing Contractors

It can be tempting to install railing yourself, or shop around at big box stores for the cheapest price. This may not be the best option in the long run, so Ottawa Deck and Rail has five simple tips on how to find the railing contractor that is the best fit for you.

High quality product

Businesses that have stood the test of time usually offer a higher quality product. Talk to friends who have purchased from them before. Ask company reps what the guarantees are on the railing systems. Some companies offer lifetime guarantees. Be sure to ask what that guarantee includes, and what happens if their guarantee falls through (ei: fixing or replacing the unit). Be sure to compare similarly priced railings to see which stand up best to time and environmental factors. You will need a sturdy railing that won’t rust or fade, and should last a minimum of twenty years.

Customer reviews

Often word of mouth is the best review a business can get. Sometimes you will have to check reviews online. Here, you are checking more than just the quality of the railing; you’re finding out how easy and efficient it is to deal with the company. If the product is amazing, but there are multiple negative reviews about customer service, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Installation times

Often, industry wait times for railing installs can be up to 7 weeks, especially for more customized orders. If you call your railing company at the end of summer, by the time it is installed, there might already be snow on the ground. Be sure to plan accordingly, and ask around to see who can have installation done relatively quickly. A great wait time is about a week. If you want to install the railing yourself, then ask if the materials are ready to be picked up, or if you will have to order them and wait.

Variety of product

What are the variety of colours? Are there many ways to customize the railing? What heights and materials like glass, cables, or pickets are offered? Can you customize the railing to modern, classic, or vintage properties? These are all factors in choosing the right railing contractor.

Safety rating

There are different safety ratings available. Look for a company that meets or exceeds national building code requirements. Also, a railing that withstands time and environmental conditions will be safer over time, meaning it won’t need replacing.

When shopping around for railing, all companies are not created equally. By considering quality, customer reviews, wait-time, variety of product, and safety rating, you better allow yourself to choose the right railing contractor.